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B-drop™ technology

The revolutionary patented B-drop™ technology was specifically developed to precisely measure and control bioreactor feeds. It dispenses microliter-sized droplets and controls the flow rate through variations of dosing frequency. In this process, each droplet is measured, and a feed-back signal is generated and available as a process parameter.

Unlike a peristaltic pump, the B-drop™ can dispense single microliter droplets. This enables very slow feed-rates for early stages of cell growth in micro-bioreactors, shake flasks, and small bioreactors.

Moreover, due to its long-time stability and flow rates of up to 1000 ml/h, it is also suitable for bioreactors up to 10 l in size.

Internal components


The B-drop™ micro-dosing system utilizes micro-valve technology to dispense fluids in the micro- to milliliter range.

The integrated, highly dynamic, solenoid valve enables dosing of single droplets of pressurized fluid. Specifically, varying the pulse length modulates the volume of the dispensed droplet. By controlling the duty cycle and frequency of the applied pulse train, a precise user-controlled volume flow is achieved.

Calibration-free sensor

As the volume of droplets dispensed by micro-valves is sensitive to pressure and viscosity changes, the B-drop™ flow sensor was developed.

By measuring the pressure decrease over two carefully designed restrictors in the flow channel, the sensor is able to accurately determine the flow rate. Subsequent integration over the droplet period achieves an accuracy of better than ±5%. The sensor is also capable of volume flow measurement, completely independent of media viscosity. This feature, combined with sub-millisecond reaction times, allows the sensor to measure the volume of each droplet dispensed by the micro- valve. The B-drop™ measurement technology is patented. It was developed in close collaboration with the Institute for Print Technology at the Bern University of Applied Sci-ences in Switzerland.

«Through using the integrated flow sensor, the B-drop™ control can measure and compensate for viscosity and pressure changes.»