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Pressure Monitoring


The pressure surveillance in Biotechnology is oftentimes done by single-use pressure sensors made by Pendotech or Parker. The surveillance of the inside pressure of bioreactors can prevent them from being damaged by overpressure. Furthermore filters can be supervised by differential pressure measurement.
To control such processes, ReseaTech has built its own flexible electronics that can be extended or configured according to your needs.

Pressure threshold and alarm

If the preset pressure or differential pressure threshold is reached, the device can send an output signal to alert a technician or activate a relieve valve.

Prospects of the pressure measurement technology

Hence to its longtime experience in the utilization of piezo-resistive pressure sensors, ReseaTech can help you with the design and setup of your pressure mesurement device as a competent partner. Get in touch if you are in need of an integraton of a pressure measurement or control system into your machine.


Pressure Monitor

Pressure Monitoring