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Pulsed Flow Sensor

The Pulsed Flow Sensor is a very dynamic volume flow sensor for liquids. It was developed to monitor the flow of pulsating pumps and fast switching valves. This reliable and chemically resistant sensor enables you to measure sharp volume integrals and therewith monitor and control every dosing process.

Short response times

The Pulsed Flow Sensor (PFS) is a small volume flow sensor, based on the differential-pressure principle. The advantage of this measurement principle is a very short response time of 1 millisecond. This allows measurements of fast volume flow changes, generated by electromagnetic valves. Also pulses of peristaltic pumps or membrane pumps can be monitored in high accuracy. Volume integrals can be calculated from as low as 50 nanoliters.


Detached controller

The PFS generates analog pressure signals, which are interpreted by the PFS-Controller. The PFS-Controller processes the signals and calculates volume flows and volume integrals with a sampling rate of up to 20 kHz. The communication is provided through a configurable serial com port.  Further a power output with PWM function is provided to drive valves or pumps or as a trigger to synchronize the actuator with the sensor.


Viscosity compensation

The PFS optionally uses the effect of viscous friction to measure the fluids viscosity (PFS-V2). With this additional Information a viscosity independent volume flow can be measured.


Chemical resistance

The PFS is made from high-tensile and chemically resistant PEEK (polyetheretherketone). The only material in contact with the fluid apart from PEEK ist a o-Ring seal (FPM, or others on request). With these materials the PFS is inert to almost all chemicals, oils and solvents.


Insusceptible to air bubbles

The PFS is insusceptible to gas/air bubbles, that are trapped in the liquid. The influence of gas bubbles on the measured value is minimal. Therefore the PFS is suitable for strongly outgassing media.


+ Measurement principle: differential-pressure
+ Measurement range: 0 - 100 ml/min
+ Temperature range: 10 °C to 40 °C
+ Volume integrals from 50 nl
+ Sterilization: Gamma, Ethanol, Autoclave*
+ Suitable for: water, oil, fuels and other low viscous media**
+ Response time: 1 ms
+ Pressure range: -1 to 3 bars
+ Protection: IP 65
+ Bidirectional flow measurement
+ OEM-options available
+ Insusceptible to air bubbles

* Depending on the version, ** resistance tests on specific medias are recommended.

Versions PFS-V3 (Evaluation Sensor)



Flow rate 0-30 0-100 ml/min
Calibrated flow rate 3-30 10-100 ml/min
Operating pressure 0-4 0-4 bar (absolute)
Burst pressure 10 10 bar
Working temperature 10-40 10-40 °C
Flow detection response time 1-2 1-2 ms
Smallest orifice diameter 250 500  µm