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Product Summary

The Pulsed Flow Sensor Controller is the standard interface to process sensor data from the Pulsed Flow Sensor. It is used to calculate the volume flow from a differential pressure signal and it measures fluid pressure and temperature. Further the PFS‐Controller has a PWM output to control an actuator such as an electromagnetic valve or a DC‐ or membrane‐ pump. This enables a good syncronisation between the sensor and an actuator.


        • Flow rate measurement
        • Sampling rates up to 20 kHz
        • Automatic volume Integral calculation
        • Continuous or pulsed flow‐measurement
        • PWM output for actuators
        • Serial Interface
        • Trigger Input
        • Graphical User Interface



+  Supply voltage:                   24V
+  Control interface:               GUI, Drop-Logger, serial commands, trigger input
+  Anaolog output:                  0-10 VDC
+  PWM Output:                       Peak & Hold, bipolar, configurable (max. 24V / 2A)
+  Sensor signal readout:      Readout of PFS‐VX Sensors

Dispensing control loop

The PFS controller can be used to set up a control loop. In combination with a flow sensor and a dosing component, the PFS controller offers a unique possibility for process monitoring. The processed volumes are measured and recorded inline by means of a sensor. As a control variable, the valve opening time, the pressure or the stroke of the pump can be adjusted to stay within the process limits.



  • Inline measurement of the dosed volumes
  • One controller for sensor and actuator for good synchronization
  • Independent of the selection of the dosing component
Regelkreis PFS-V3 mit Ventil und Controller

Drop Logger Software

The Drop Logger software is a quick and easy way to set up dosing processes or to perform validations. With this new software, single drops or even large drop series can be logged. Trends and disturbances such as air bubbles are very clearly visible. The collected data can then easily be output in the form of a CSV file. The Drop Logger software also works in combination with the external trigger input. The software is compatible with the PFS controller V1.3 and higher.

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