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Pressure Monitor

The ReseaTech pressure monitor connects to various pressure sensors and is used to monitor the inside pressure of a bioreactor as well as differential pressure for filter surveillance.


Over pressure protection
+  Filter surveillance
Differential pressure with 2 sensors

The Pressure Monitor can monitor up to two pressure sensors in a range of 0 to 2 bars. Critical pressure levels can be specified to trigger an alarm or a actuator ouptut. Furhter the Pressure Monitor has an analog output to log the pressure on your Bioreactor system (for Example Applikon EasyControl).

Suitable pressure sensors:

+  Single Use Pressure Sensors from PendoTech
+  SciPres Pressure Sensor from Parker (SciLog)

Get a quote or demonstration setup:

The Pressure Monitor is available in Switzerland trough our partner ReseaChem GmbH. From all other countries please contact us directly.

pressure monitor device