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Pulsed Flow Sensor

The Pulsed Flow Sensor V3 is an extremely fast, chemical resistant volume flow sensor. It was developed to monitor the flow of pulsating pumps and fast switching valves. This reliable fast sensor monitors your dosing process and is able to build sharp volume integrals of your processed fluid dosis.



  • Volume flow measurements up to 100 ml/min

  • Volume integrals from 50 nl

  • For water, oil, fuels and other low viscous media

  • Insusceptible to bubbles Fast response time < 2 ms

  • Pressure range from -1 to 3 bars

  • Bidirectional flow measurement

  • OEM-options

Setup with PFS-Controller

The PFS-V3 is interpreted by the ReseaTech PFS-Controller where the pressure signals are sampled at up to 20 kHz and a volume flow is calculated. The PFS-Controller can be configured to produce customized output data, such as volume integrals. The PFS-Controller can further provide a PWM Output to drive a membrane pump or an electromagnetic valve. This simplyfies the sinchronization between actuator and sensor.