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OEM-C Flow Sensor

The OEM-C is a highly dynamic flow sensor for liquids. It is based on the proven differential pressure technology of ReseaTech, but impresses with its compact design and easy integration.

The OEM-C differential pressure flow sensor was designed for measuring dynamic dosing processes. It is well suited for monitoring peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps and dosing valves. In contrast to the Pulsed Flow Sensor, however, the OEM-C is not suitable for measuring sub-microlitre drops and does not have the triggered high-resolution measuring modes of the PFS-Controller. Thanks to its good dynamics, however, drops of 20 microliters and more can still be detected and measured. The fast, continuous sampling rate means that even short events such as a pulse or an air bubble cannot be overlooked during measurement. The OEM-C constantly records the flow rate at 100 Hz, regardless of how high the readout interval is set. This can be from 0.01 to 100 seconds.


+ Continuous 100Hz background sampling. You do not loose any Information!

+ OEM-Design

+ Volume flow measurements up to 100 ml/min

+ Pulse measurement > 20 μl

+ For water, oil and other low viscous media (< 100 mPas)

+ Insusceptible to bubbles

+ Fast response

+ Integrated temperature and pressure sensor

+ Suitable for Hydrogen-peroxide (H2O2) measurement

OEM-C Flow Sensor seitliche vergrösserte Ansicht
OEM-C Flow Sensor seitliche Ansicht


Sensor type Differential Pressure Flow Sensor
Ordering Nr. OEM-C-B0/B1/B2
Connectors ¼-28 UNF flat bottom
Tubing 1/8" OD
Wetted materials silicone, stainless steel, PEEK, FPM
Dimensions 72x40x15 mm
Weight 20 g
Accuracy of volume flow < ± 2 %
Communication RS-485, USB
Sampling rate 100 Hz
Readout interval 0.01 - 100 s
Media calibration by viscosity and density definition


Parameters Symbol Unit
Flow rate V’ 0 - 15 0 - 30 0 - 100 ml/min
Calibrated flow rate V’ 1 - 15 3 - 30 10 – 100 ml/min
Operating pressure pw 0.0 – 1.8 0.0 – 1.8 0.0-1.8 bar (absolute)
Over pressure po 4 4 4 bar (absolute)
Burst pressure pb 6 6 6 bar (absolute)
Working temperature Tw 10 - 50 10 - 50 10 - 50 °C
Flow detection response time T63 10 10 10 ms
Restrictor orifice diameter Dmin 200 300 500 µm

OEM-C mini

The OEM-C mini has the same measuring capabilities as the standard sensor, but is designed for an RS-232 serial interface. This enables a very compact design. A 5V power supply is necessary. The OEM-C mini is now available in all three flow ranges (1-15, 3-30 and 10-100 ml/min).

+ OEM-Design, minimal size

+ Volume flow measurements up to 100 ml/min

+ Pulse measurement >20 µl

+ For water, oil and other low viscous media (<100 mPas)

+ Insusceptible to bubbles