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B-drop mini

The B-drop mini is a very fast and low-cost  micro-dispensing valve. It can be operated from 3 volts and reaches opening times of below 0.5 ms in a peak- and- hold operation mode. This small micro-valve is intended for fast and reliable dispensing tasks in which cleanness and cost are paramount. The micro-valve can be sterilized with gamma radiation and doesn't contain a mechanical spring. The B-drop mini closes due to a magnetic force, which means it is normally closed. A unique advantage of this micro valve is, that it can be activated in both directions by a pole change. We recommend the ReseaTech 4-Channel Valve controller to drive the B-drop mini.

Please contact us for special versions of the B-drop mini like normally-open, bipolar, or steam sterilizeable.

Technical data:

+ Dimensions: L 33mm, D 8.5 mm, M5 thread
+ Nozzle: 0.2 mm
+ Materials in contact with media: stainless steel, silicone, parylene, epoxy
+ Dynamic viscosity range: 1-20 mPas
+ Operating pressure: up to 6 bars