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Non-invasive anti-foam system

The FoamFighter is an autonomous foam detection system. With it´s optical foam sensor the FoamFighter detects growing foam levels inside the bioreactor and automatically injects a pre-defined amount of anti foam from a standard syringe. Due to the adjustable sensitivity and adjustable spot of detection foam detection sensor allows you to optimise your anti foam strategy and therefore to decrease the amount of anti-foam in your bioprocess.
Moreover the external arrangement and optical level sensor allows the system to be added to experiments which are already in progress.
The Foamfighter is perfectly suited for glass and sigle-use stirred tanks and is easily mounted at the head-plate of your bioreactor.


+ non-invasive foam detection
+ external application
+ control and feedback signals for system integration
+ adjustable foam tolerance level
+ adjustable foam detection distance
+ analog and digital feedback signals



+ stirring unit to prevent anti foam from sedimenting
+ custom heating covers with sensor window
+ custom adapters to fit your bioreactor system