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OEM-C Flow Sensor

ReseaTech's new flow sensor for outgassing media is now available!

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Droplet measurement

ReseaTech's Pulsed Flow Sensor™ enables precise and reliable control of single droplets of less than 1 microliter. It also controls both fast valves and pulsating pumps.

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Mini Flow Sensor

The OEM-C flow sensor is now available in a compact size of 40x20x16 mm.

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ReseaTech and Bürkert join forces for innovative solutions

Founded in 2015 out of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the young company ReseaTech is a technological leader in...
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Sensors for measuring the smallest quantities of liquid

ReseaTech's flow sensors enable the measurement of dynamic processes with high resolution. Especially with pulsating pumps and fast switching dosing valves, the pulsed flow sensors from Reseatech bring great advantages due to their quick response. Filling processes can therefore be precisely mapped, controlled and logged.

Sensors for dosing smallest quantities

The Pulsed Flow Sensor is a very dynamic volume flow sensor for liquids. It was developed to monitor the flow of pulsating pumps and fast switching valves. This reliable and chemically resistant sensor enables you to measure sharp volume integrals and therewith monitor and control every dosing process.

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Sensors for continuous monitoring of pulsating pumps

The OEM-C is a highly dynamic flow sensor for liquids. It is based on the proven differential pressure technology of ReseaTech, but impresses with its compact design and easy integration.

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