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The revolutionary and patented B-drop™ technology enables control for microliter dispensing and mixing processes. In addition, ReseaTechs micro-valves and superfast flow sensors can be combined in various configurations to exactly match individual fluid-handling processes.

With the B-drop™ system, each microliter droplet is dispensed quickly, reliably, and at precisely the optimal time. B-drop™ technology completely eliminates previous existing uncertainties about the dispensed volume or time of dose. Accumulation of fluid on inlets or in foam layers is also eliminated as a result of the B-drop’s™ high injection velocity and penetrating force. Dispensed volumes from 50 pl and flowrates of up to 20 ml/min are possible.

Application areas

+ Biotechnology: bioreactors, shake flasks
+ Microplates
+ Pharma production
+ Filling machines
+ Chemical mixing
+ Pulsating flow from pumps
+ Flow detection and control of pulsed flow
+ Industrial dispensing


+ Disposable, low cost
+ Gamma-sterilized
+ Viscosity compensated (no calibration)
+ Drop on demand
+ No cleaning needed
+ Measurement of single droplets
+ Simple Interface
+ Plug and Play

Application note

How to measure single microliter droplets with the Pulsed Flow Sensor:

Micro droplet measurement

«Talk to us about your specific application or integration of this technology into your laboratory device. We analyze and optimize your fluid handling and dosing process in close collaboration with the Institute for Print Technology from the University of applied Sciences!«